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Jon Garfield

Jon Garfield is an illustrator, comic creator and overall a decent lad from Finland. He owns such things as BA in Culture and Arts & MA in Arts in Humanities.

Since 2013, Garfield has done illustrations for Finnish Broadcasting Company, Otava and Finn Lecture, The Finnish Nature League as well as done multitude of a self-published comic zines. Other work includes working in the Finnish Comics Society: taking part in organisation work, teaching comics for adults and kids alike and organizing a comic festival.

99% of the art is done traditionally using acrylics, watercolours and different inks. Passions and interests lay in bright colours, sci-fi, vaporwave aesthetic, free flowing line, old men and short comics.

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Upcoming Conventions

Past Conventions

November 2020

Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival @ digital con (online only)

September 2019

Helsinki Comics Festival @ Helsinki, Finland

November 2019

Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival @ Harrogate, UK

Green Robots, Jon Karvinen, aesthetic