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Jon Garfield

Jon Garfield is an illustrator, comic creator and overall a decent lad from Finland, currently living in Estonia to gain his masters degree in Culture and Arts, thus complete the academic speed run.

Since 2013, Garfield has done illustrations for Finnish Broadcasting Company, Otava and Finn Lecture, The Finnish Nature League as well as done multitude of a self-published comic zines. Other work includes working in the Finnish Comics Society: taking part in organisation work, teaching comics for adults and kids alike and organizing a comic festival.

99% of the art is done traditionally using acrylics, watercolours and different inks. Passions and interests lay in bright colours, sci-fi, vaporwave aesthetic, free flowing line, old men and short comics.

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Upcoming Conventions

March 22-23, 2020

Tampere Kuplii @ Tampere, Finland

Past Conventions

September 2019

Helsinki Comics Festival @ Helsinki, Finland

November 2019

Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival @ Harrogate, UK

Green Robots, Jon Karvinen, aesthetic