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2020, eh?

Jon Garfield - February 11, 2021 - 0 comments

The 2021 purge is here.

Like probably a lot of people’s 2020, mine was also thrown into an infinite loop were we still all are most likely.
What did I do the past year after all my comic cons were cancelled and travel plans were thrown into the trash bin?

I graduated from university and now I hold a Masters Degree in Arts in Humanities. It is neat but in today’s world it is I also managed to do a few comics and art. But we shall see.
Writing my thesis was still one of hte bigger achievement of early 2020. It really was wild to graduate during a global pandemic but writing comics is for sure something I did and it really kept me busy in early 2020. Later I also had a talk about my thesis.

When it comes to 2021? I will most definitely write some more here, we shall see indeed. Now keeping fingers crossed for 2021 conventions and that they happen.

Smell ya later,

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